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The PAB Advantage

It's All About Performance

Our clients depend on us for their cash flow. We take this responsibility very seriously. Our reimbursement programs coupled with our technology allows Professional Ambulance Billing LLC to stay ahead of our competitors. After switching to our billing service our clients have all realized substantially higher reimbursements revenues.

Low Costs

There are no up front fees or charges for using our service. Even better, our low cost model and streamlined operation costs allows us to pass the savings onto our clients.

Ongoing Training and Education

To keep our clients on the forefront of this ever-changing industry, we provide free PCR documentation training, insurance gathering procedures to increase your cash flow, as well as assist in HIPAA compliance and training matters.

HIPAA Compliance

Professional Ambulance Billing LLC is 100% HIPAA compliant. Our compliance officer oversees the compliance of all HIPAA related policies and procedures. Professional Ambulance Billing LLC is a New York State Medicaid approved Service Bureau.

Outstanding Client Service

We pride ourselves on being very easy to work with. We work closely with our clients and take the time to understand the needs of their organization. Whether by phone or on-site visits, Professional Ambulance Billing LLC will be there to meet your needs.

Patient Care

Professional Ambulance Billing LLC takes great care in assuring all patients are treated in a professional and courteous manner. This ensures a positive community relationship for your organization and ours.

The PAB Advantage